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Application Parental rating: Everyone (age 6 and over) Default language: English With advertisements: Yes Requirements Requires Google Play and or account: No Requires third-party libraries: No Requires 'rooted' device: No Minimum Android version: Android 2. Internet connection required but low transfer needed. The Gili Islands - Overview The Three are locat.

The Gili Islands - Overview The Three are locat. Up to 50 currencies from all countries! Currency From Select Currency Code aed United Arab Emirates, Dirhams afn Afghanistan, Afghanis all Albania, Leke amd Armenia, Drams ang Netherlands Antilles, Florins aoa Angola, Kwanza ars Argentina, Pesos aud Australia, Dollars awg Aruba, Florins azn Azerbaijan, New Manats bam Bosnia and Herzegovina, Convertible Marka bbd Barbados, Dollars bdt Bangladesh. It's lite version of future bigger application. Communications The more upmarket hotels have idd telephones in their rooms, but this is a luxur.